Commissioners Park Playground Build

The Posen Park District has been awarded a grant to replace the playground equipment in Commissioners Park. We are once again working with KaBOOM!, which is a national non-profit that works to combat play space inequity by matching qualifying communities in need with funding partners to replace and build new play spaces nationwide. The funding partner for this project is Sierra, part of the TJX family of brands. We are truly fortunate to work with these two fine organizations that share our love for outdoor spaces and play. This project has already begun with the design of the new playground and the demolition of the previous equipment. We are now preparing for Build Week, and we need the help of the community to make this happen.


Build Week will take place from Wednesday October 20th through Saturday October 23rd. We will build the entire playground during this time over a series of work shifts. Shift 1 will be from 8:00am to 11:30am, and Shift 2 will be from 1:00pm to 4:30pm. We need 20-25 volunteers 18 and older per shift. Volunteers will need to sign a waiver. Call our office (708) 371-1484 to volunteer. Participants must fill out waiver paperwork which you can find below. You can also volunteer for shifts by scanning the QR code or by visiting


We are in need of tools and supplies in order to complete Build Week. We will gladly accept loaned tools (please mark to identify as yours), and donations of supplies from the list

In addition, donations of hand sanitizer, disposable masks, work gloves, Prepackaged snacks (granola bars, mixed nuts, trail mix, etc.), bottled water, stereo & speakers for music during work day would be invaluable and appreciated. 

While in the past this would be a one day event, COVID-19 protocols have shifted this to a multi-day project with smaller work groups. We realize not everyone is available to help on every day of this project, any volunteer time, every loaned tool, and every donation of supplies is greatly appreciated. To learn more about the project you can visit Together, we will bring a great new place to play to our community.